The advantages of using examples to teach applications

Using an example to teach an application has many advantages:

  • Apprentices are more likely to be interested in learning when they can see how the application is relevant to their trade.
  • An example provides a model that apprentices can follow for making similar calculations.
  • If the example shows the formulas needed to complete calculations for an application, the instructor can teach the application in a series of smaller lessons.

For instance, introducing a lesson by teaching apprentices how to calculate volume, or how to calculate horizontal distance will not get the attention of a heavy equipment operator apprentice as much as an example on how to calculate the volume of excavated material.

The example above provides a model for apprentices to use when making similar calculations. There are two calculations shown for the application, shown as Step 1 and Step 2. Instructors can separate the example into two smaller lessons for apprentices to practice calculating the two formulas. Even when practicing only one of the formulas, apprentices will see the bigger picture and understand why they need to learn the two formulas.

Using an example to teach an application can motivate your apprentices when they see how what they are learning is relevant to their career. They will also see the relevance when you teach formulas that are part of an application.

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