Essential Skills in Construction: Resources

Employment and Social Development Canada

The Government of Canada developed the Essential Skills concept to help trainers, educators, employers and others understand and improve abilities at all levels.

  • Literacy and Essential Skills: This page includes information on funding channels; skills definitions; tools, assessments and training support; videos, podcasts and webinars; consultation and engagement; and success stories.
  • Essential Skills profiles: A database of profiles which describe how workers in various occupations use each of the key essential skills.



BuildForce Canada and SkillPlan have partnered in developing this website and associated publications aimed at improving the quality of training.

The following is a sampling of publications that are available.

For more, visit SkillPlan Essential Skills tools and publications.

Preparing for Heavy Equipment Occupations Preparing for the Boilermaker Trade Preparing for the Ironworker Trade SkillPlan: Oral Communication on the Job Science for the Trades

Sustainable Essential Skills - Instructor's Guide Trades Worksheets – Book One (Boilermakers, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Floor Covering Installers, Glaziers) Trades Worksheets – Book Two (Heavy Equipment Operators, Insulators, Ironworkers, Painters and Decorators) Trades Worksheets – Book Three (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics, Sheet Metal Workers, Wall and Ceiling Installers) Tips on Introducing Essential Skills into Construction Trades Training Formulas at Work - Tradesworkers on the Job From the Ground Up - Tradesworkers on the Job

Developing Trades Math Worksheets Measurement and Calculation - Carpenter Applications Measurement and Calculation for the Trades Essential Skills Activities for Trades Using Trades Math Plain Language for Construction Self-Assessment Construction Workers Workbook