The benefits of having advanced learners mentoring peers

Technical training classes have apprentices with a wide range of abilities. Often there are apprentices who whiz through content and learn skills very easily, but there are those who struggle along the way. Apprentices who have finished a task can be disruptive while those having difficulty need to concentrate. Instructors can make use of the time and skill of advanced learners to benefit everyone in the class. After checking that the advanced learners have mastered a skill, instructors can ask them to assist other apprentices who need help.

How does everyone benefit?

Struggling apprentices:
A slightly different approach or wording will benefit a struggling apprentice. The apprentice might be more comfortable asking a peer rather than the instructor for help. Checking their understanding with a peer also builds confidence.

Advanced apprentices:
By explaining a concept to someone else, advanced apprentices gain a deeper understanding, reinforce their own learning, and develop leadership skills that can transfer to the job.

Class as a whole:
Working together builds teamwork skills which are valuable in the workforce. Struggling apprentices may be more motivated to persevere when they feel that they belong to a supportive group.

Time is freed up for instructors to assist others and to check on all apprentices. And because trades instructors may also work with apprentices on job sites between and after technical training, it is an opportunity to see an advanced apprentice’s potential for leadership and future mentorship. 

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