4 tips for setting up useful answer keys

Answer keys aren’t just for instructors – they are invaluable for apprentices too. Well set up answer keys help apprentices navigate through material and make them better organized with locating information and answering questions. The set up of these answer keys guide apprentices to find the information they need to get the answer, which, in turn, will encourage independent thinking and learning.

Below are some tips to help you write answer keys.

1. Orient learners to the information

  • Include the question to make it easier to locate. Also include the title of the worksheet for quick reference.
  • Bold the answer to make the answer easier to identify.

2. Use consistent vocabulary

  • Include the same wording, formulae and format as the worksheet examples to help apprentices locate the information they need to answer the questions and at the same time, reinforce vocabulary.

3. Make abstract ideas more concrete

  • Include diagrams and visuals to visually clarify the measurements being calculated.

4. Show apprentices different ways to answer

  • Provide all methods of calculations. Answer using alternate methods when there is more than one way to get the answer. This acknowledges that there is more than one way to do the calculation.

Following these tips will help you write answer keys that become useful teaching tools that reinforce skills taught.

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